Grilled Salmon Medallion $7.00  
topped with a golden raisin purée
Garlic Shrimp


sautéed with tomatoes, cilantro & Mediterranean spices
served in a herb and garlic spiced soup with a splash of Chardonnay
Calimari $8.00
breaded with a tasty thyme and herb crust and drizzled with a garlic basil aioli
Taboula $5.00
chopped Italian parsley, tomatoes, fresh mint & cracked wheat
Shrimp Topped Taboula $7.00
sautéed with lemon zest and garlic
Lamb Pita Pocket $6.00
toasted pita pocket stuffed with spicy ground lamb
Spicy Turkish Lamb Sausage $4.50
char-grilled and drizzled with a red pepper garlicky salsa
Grape Leaves $5.50
stuffed with a mix of rice and vegetables
Hummus $5.00
chick pea puree infused with lemon juice, olive oil and spices

Herb Hummus


classic hummus blended with mint, cilantro and seasonal herbs
Baba Ghannouj $6.00
eggplant puree, smoked lightly with tahini, garlic and a drizzle of olive oil
Maramar $6.00
roasted red pepper & walnuts puree blended with olive oil and flavorful pomegranate juice

Shepherd's Salad $7.00
tomatoes, corn and dates served over a bed of garden greens

w/ Goat Cheese

Egyptian Bean Salad $5.00
roasted fava beans mixed with tomatoes, shallots, garlic & olive oil
Tahini Lamb Chop $7.00
grilled lamb chop sprinkled with our tasty tahini sauce and fresh parsley
Eggplant & Zuchihi Mousaka $5.00
oven baked with a tomato & shallot salsa
Roasted Eggplant Salad $5.00
eggplant, tomatoes and red onions roasted to perfection
Grilled Portobello $5.00
marinated in garlic & olive oil drizzled with a tahini dressing
Marinated Olives $4.50
a variety of Mediterranean olives marinated with herbs & Moroccan spices
Sautéed String Beans $4.00
sautéed in olive oil with savory onions, fresh tomatoes and a light touch of garlic
Roman Bruschetta $5.00
French baguette brushed with olive oil, lightly grilled and topped with warm tomatoes, garlic and goat cheese

w/ Roasted lamb

Falafel $4.50
golden-fried vegetable patties blended with exotic spices
Spinach & Corn Risotto $5.00
creamy and garlicky with arborio rice and fresh spinach and sweet corn
Zattar toast $4.00
Jordanian green thyme & sesame over toasted pita topped tomatos and basil


Roman Pizzas
Diced tomatoes, basil, garlic & goat cheese $8
Ginger & garlic roasted chicken, tomatoes & fresh herbs $9
Roasted lamb, red peppers, goat cheese & tomatoes $10

Grilled Salmon Fillet $15.95
topped with a citrus golden raisin sauce
Hazelnut -crusted Trout $16.95
drizzled with a Chardonnay lemon-butter sauce
Chardonnay Curry Mussels $15.95
Rope cluttered mussels in a Chardonnay cream sauce w/ fresh herbs & sprinkle of curry - served w/ fries
Pan Seared Fillet Mignon $24.95
Black Angus Beef topped with goat cheese and a caper ~ sun dried tomato butter
Lamb Skewers Extraordinaire $15.95
Tomato-strained yogurt sauce and sprinkled with Spanish paprika
Grilled Lamb Chops $16.95
marinated in yogurt with coriander & cumin,
Topped with tahini lemon sauce
Eggplant & Zucchini Vegetarian Mousaka $9.95
Koshari $9.95
Green lentils and rice topped with crispy carmelized onions and a garlic tomato sauce
Risotto & Pasta
Salmon Risotto $17.95
creamy risotto with fresh salmon, sweet corn, spinach
Vegetable Risotto $15.95
featuring portobello mushrooms, smoked peppers, fresh corn and spinach
Shrimp Scampi Over Angel Hair Pasta $15.95
Herb Chicken Breast Over Over Angel Hair Pasta $13.95
with corn & sun dried tomatoes, splashed w/ a light cream sauce

Large Salads
Roasted Lamb and Goat Cheese $15.95
over garden greens with a smoked eggplant, roasted red pepper, garlic-olive oil emulsion
Grilled Salmon Fillet $16.95
over garden greens with roasted almonds and a citrus-olive oil dressing

Ginger & Herb Roasted 1/2 Chicken $9.95
W/ fries & basil-garlic dipping sauce
Chicken OR Steak Cesar Salad $9.95
Crisp romaine, home made dressing
Winter Vegetable Penne Pasta $9.95
1/2 Lb Old fashioned Burger W/ Swiss cheese $7.95
W/ fries
Spinash & Sun dried Tomato Ravioli $12.95
Grilled Sirloin Steak $12.95
W/ Cabernet Herb butter and crispy fries
Herb Chicken & Roasted Almond Risotto $12.95
W/ fresh spinach & corn
Smoked Salmon Pasta $14.95
Over spinach linguini splashed w/ Chardonnay
Slow Roasted Lamb Shank $13.95
Plated w/ garlic tomato sauce over rice
Sesame Crusted Mahi Mahi Filet $14.95
Over red pepper mashed potatoes w/ lemon butter sauce
Filet Mignon & Crab Cake $19.95
W/ fries
Creamy Vegetable Soup $4.95

(No Substitution on Specials)


Red pepper mashed potatoes $3
Sautéed vegetables $3
Rice $3
Fries $3
Pita Bread $1

Martinis $7
Bombay - Tanqueray - Malacca
Stolichnaya - Absolut - Skyy
Absolut Kurant, Cranberry, Creme de Cassis
Light Rum, fresh lime
Vodka, cranberry juice
French Kiss
Chambord, vodka, Cointreau
Absolut Citron, Orange Liqueur
Sour Apple
sour apple liqueur & vodka
Apple Pie
Stoli Cinnamon Vodka, spices & apple
Godiva Chocolate
Chocolate liqueur & vodka
Russian Lemonade
Our fresh lemonade, Stoli & Cointreau

Ultra Martinis $10
Ketel One Vodka, dirty-extra olives
Cosmo a la Nicole
Grey Goose Vodka, Grand Marnier, Fresh Lime, Cranberry
Raspberry Truffle
Tanqueray, Baileys, Kahlua & Chambord

We have an extensive selection of fine wines for your enjoyment
Sangria $7

Made with apples, orange, Cointreau and brandy


Martinis drinks
Bottled Beer $5

Amstel Light                         
Miller Lite

Dominion Lager                   

"Bardo" Micro-brewed
Pint   $6                     Pitcher    $16

French Raspberry Lemonade $7.00
Soda $2.50
S. Pellegrino $7.00
Evian $7.00
Chilled Moroccan Mint Tea $2.50

Tea $2
100% Classic - Lipton  
Herb - Assorted flavors  
Moroccan Mint  
(made with fresh mint and green tea)

100% Colombian $2
Capuccino $3.50
Expresso $3
Turkish $3
(A special blend of cardamom and aromatic spices infused with dark coffee grounds.)
Italian $5
Frangelico, Bailey's & Whipped cream
Latin $5
Kahlua, Creme de menthe & chocolate
Irish $5
Irish whiskey, whipped cream

Citrus Baklava $ 5
spiral shaped with a lemon honey, golden raisin glaze, served warm.
Egyptian Rice Pudding $5
sprinkled with roasted pistachios and hazelnuts
Sariah $5
milk custard toped with a strawberry and blueberry sauce with seasonal fresh fruit.
Mango Sorbet $5
simply divine
Thomas Sweets Ice Cream $4
Bittersweet chocolate - cinnamon - pistachio
Dessert Wines, Beers, Cordials
We have an extensive selection of dessert beers and wines, cordials, port
single malt scotches, cognacs, etc.


21% service charge will be added to groups of 6 or more.
Absolutely no separate checks regardless of group size.


2614 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

PHONE: (202) 797 0400
FAX: (202) 797 0600

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