Washington Times

Color is everywhere, not only on the menu. Fiesta-ware graces the tables, and most entrees are accompanied by a decorative spray of sliced carrots. Walls are painted tangerine and yellow. The ceiling is blue-that special, succulent deep blue of ocean depths-as are the divans along one wall, the water glasses and the shirts worn by the waiters.

What won the hearts of my dining companions...was the eggplant and zucchini vegetarian mousaka and the braised North African spiced lamb shank. The lamb was a tender, voluptuous dish that obviously had been cooked lovingly for the right length of time.

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Metro Weekly

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A NEW PLACE to go for dinner tonight? A place that serves unique food that you can’t find on every street corner?
Are you looking for a cool place to go for dinner tonight?
A place that will welcome you with gracious and competent service?
A place with a chef that knows how and when to use a wide variety of exotic spices? Look no further than MEDATERRA, one of Woodley Park’s newest eateries just steps away from the Metro station.

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City Paper

Medaterra strives to bring color to style-deprived Woodley, and with its sunshine-sunset walls and ocean-blue water glasses, the restaurant stands out like a Vogue model at a bowling match.

The rainbow trout is undeniably fresh and shot through with garlic, and, like most of the entrees, served over a bed of couscous. Aly isn’t the type to thread meat on a skewer and leave it at that: He turns swordfish into tasty brochettes and chooses shrimp plump enough to withstand being sautéed in a head-clearing, Indian-inspired sauce.

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